STAPLEが以前、Make-A-Pigeon として、鳩のマスコット再解釈しデザインされた800以上の作品の中から投票で1人を選ぶコンテストを行っていましたが、最近になり、インスタグラムにこのような投稿がアップされています。


今週はRob Mendozaというスタッフのお気に入りのピジョンデザインがインタビューと共に紹介されています。







A few weeks ago, we held a global “Make-A-Pigeon” design contest where we invited any creative to reinterpret our Pigeon mascot. Over 800 amazing designs were submitted! From that, we asked y’all (thru votes) to crown one winner. But the back story is that each of us at Team Staple had their own personal favorites. So we decided to shine some light on the people that make Staple tick AND release their favorite designs in conjunction with the amazing designers! This week is Rob Mendoza. (@danielpleasant) Q: How long have you been at Staple? A. Started as an intern back in 2012 Q: What do you do at Staple? A: Now I am currently Head Designer Q: What’s the best part about working at Staple? A: Seeing customers genuinely excited about some of the things we’ve created. Q: What’s the worst part about working at Staple? A: Pigeon shit everywhere. Q: Why did you choose this design? A: I love the stylized simplicity of it. I also loved the controversy it created when we selected it for the contest. People either loved it or hated it. And that amazing polarizing design came courtesy of @stefano.de_marco. People really either love it or hate this one! (We love it) The tee drops on today. Go & support a young creative talent today! We need them all for our future. #FlockWithUs

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